Customized solutions, guaranteeing to reduce costs and optimize resources. Take your business to the next level!


We analyze your project

We put together a work plan for each project, taking care of all the management aspects of your company. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning out or already established, at The Mercurian we design unique solutions for all of our clients.


Possible solutions optimizing costs

We present you with different options so that your business won’t stop growing, always efficiently and putting forward new ideas that allow you to achieve success.


We carry out the best alternative.

After evaluating the most suitable solution, we carry out the reengineering process, attaining the objectives set in the initial analysis.


Community Management

Social networks and their corresponding content have become key to attracting customers and generating effective results.

Photography and video

Having a clear audiovisual identity helps to communicate the brand properly, creating more credibility with customers.

Digital campaigns

Promote your products or services on Google or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.

Development & Web Design | UX – UI

A site is the face of a business. If it looks neat and clear, you will get new customers and generate more profit.

Corporate Identity Design

Brand building and development. Design of the communicational line and visual identity.

HR Area

Survey of the profile with the line

We contact the client to determine the knowledge and skills required for the position.

Preparation of final candidate reports

In order to evaluate qualifications, we compile a detailed report that includes personal, professional and academic data, their work experience and their references.


Selection of resumes through job sites, our own database and social networks. Head Hunting.

Psycho-technical Test

They allow to detect and identify personal and attitudinal characteristics; personality traits, communication styles, driving and intellectual abilities.


Individual or group interviews to determine the degree of alignment of the candidate to the required competencies.

We work with:


Melisa Mizrahi

El Polonio Wallets

The Mercurian helps us a lot in setting up social networks and in our e-commerce store. It is a pleasure to work with them, they are very clear in their actions, always thoughtfully / helpfully addressing each issue. We are very happy with the results. THANK YOU!

Ailén Morginstern

Amazing Learning

Working with them helped me a lot. They are very dedicated and put themselves in the client’s shoes. Super recommended!

Ivana Carluccio

Ivi Cakes

AWESOME! They helped me to plan the instances of my project and have a presence on social networks.

Marcelo Ferrero

Ferrero & Associates

An excellent service! We urgently needed an administrative employee and the company accomplished it in due time.

Alejandro Rosenfeld


Thanks to the team, my sales increased, since they put together a unique marketing plan for my product.

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